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Helping Students and Teachers...

Welcome!  I’m here to help you better understand Chemistry and become a more confident teacher.

For students, I provide 1:1 and small group tutoring online. I also have a YouTube channel with Chemistry lessons teaching balancing equations, converting moles, and stoichiometry.

To help teachers, I recently started a blog and sell resources on TPT. I plan to have a YouTube channel called the “Imperfect Chemistry Teacher” running by the end of the summer.

Please reach out if you have any questions.

I tutor and teach classes independently on Zoom and on OUTSCHOOL. I help students who are in any level of high school Chemistry (first year, honors, or AP), students in their first year of college Chemistry, and nursing students.                                                      Click HERE to go to my tutoring page.

I also offer AP Chemistry Bootcamps in the summer and AP Chemistry Test Prep classes in the spring. Contact me directly at Chemschemistryclassroom@gmail or check out my page on OUTSCHOOL.

Check out my blog and YouTube channel for information and inspiration you can use in your classroom. I share tips and tricks, wins, and struggles. I also hope to develop a community of teachers where we can support each other and improve our craft.

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Looking for ready to use, classroom tested resources that include answer keys and videos?

Check out my resources on TPT, formerly Teachers Pay Teachers. My store name in Chem’s Chemistry Classroom. Click HERE to go to my store.

I specialize in resources for High School Chemistry that help students with their conceptual understanding and improve their problem solving ability